Hire a Left Brain for your Right Brain.

Are you a creative visionary that cringes at the thought of creating financial projections, spreadsheets, SOPs and business plan documentation? Let me be the left brain for your right brain. I help entrepreneurs develop processes and implement solutions that scale businesses for massive growth.

How I Can Help


Are you a business owner that feels like you need to clone yourself in order to take your business to the next level?

Hire me to help with:

  • Sales Strategy & Training 
  • Financial Management
  • Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • SOPs


Do you have a grand vision but struggling with planning and implementing?

Let me create a plan for you.

  • Business Plan
  • Investment Pitch Deck
  • Personnel Plan
  • Financial Planning & Forecasting


Does your group or organization need a dynamic speaker or facilitator that inspires action?

Invite me to talk and teach about:

  • Finance Management for non-Financial Entrepreneurs
  • Cryptocurrency Opportunities & Challenges
  • Entrepreneurship

Speaking, Teaching & Sharing

Teaching others everything I know is both a humble duty and an absolute honor!


Ready to find out how I can help scale your business?